The VERTICAL packaging machine M92 was designed to meet any requirement of product, production and format requested by the customer.
Ease of use, operator safety, high quality and trade materials, suitable for medium-low production with an excellent quality-price ratio.
Use of the latest generation PLC with touch-screen panel and ability to create production recipes in a simple and intuitive manner.




The version of the intermittent packaging machine M92 is divided into two versions:

M92 Pneumatic version - Manufactured for Low and Medium Speed for all types of packaging.
The transverse and longitudinal welding group is via PNEUMATIC CYLINDERS,
the group dragging the film is via UNIVERSAL JOINTS.

M92 Mechanical version   - Manufactured for High Speed for all types of packaging.
The longitudinal welding group is via A PNEUMATIC CYLINDER,
the transversal group is via a BRUSHLESS MOTOR.
The group dragging the film is via STEP-STEP MOTORS



Welding by hot bar for any type of sealable film.
Suitable for packaging any type of product in pillow bags,
square bottom bags, bags with four side welds of the stabilopack type.
It can be equipped with devices for applying resealable hinges, labels, clips, twists.
Groups of special execution pliers for realization through Euroforo die and handles.
Electrical panel integrated into the machine to save space.
Max. film width 520mm  (for M92/520)
Max. film width 700mm (for M92/700)


M92 Pneumatic version:
Speed: up to 60 packages per minute.


M92 Mechanical version:
Speed: up to 80 packages per minute.