The packaging machine VERTICAL M92 for Doypack, designed to meet any product requirements, production and customer-required format. Ease of use, operator safety, high quality materials and trade, suited to medium-low production with an optimal price-quality ratio. Using the latest generation of PLC with touch-screen panel and ability to create production recipes in a simple and intuitive

The version of the packaging machine intermittently M92 for Doypack, is version Mechanics:

M92 Mechanical version - Built for high speed for all types of packaging
The longitudinal welding group is via CYLINDER,
The cross-party group is via BRUSHLESS.
The film driving unit is via MOTORS STEPPER.


hot bar welding for any type of heat-sealable films.
Suitable for packaging any type of product
special pliers to run groups for implementation through die Eurohole
Electrical panel integrated into the machine to save space.
Max film width. 700 mm

Speed: 30-35 packs per minute Doypack