Company Profile

IMASEZZADIO is a company which operates on the market of the vertical FFS for bags; it started 40 years ago with a workshop, and today its dimensions are the ones of a small company well established in the national territory with a satisfying overseas market share.

Thanks to the flexibility of the machines produced and to the after-sale services, IMASEZZADIO offers the possibility of satisfying the different needs in the packaging field.

The main models under production are the vertical baggers type “M92/520” and “M92/700”, whose mark is given by the dimension of the used film-reel, the “M92/INC.” with an inclined moulding tube for crumbly or delicate products, the “M92/MEC.” with brushless motors for high packaging outputs and the “M92/1250” for big dimensioned bags and the last born “MC/05” with continous motion for high outputs.
All these machines can be combined with any dosers on the top of them, either volumetric or with cups or screw-dosers, vibrating chutes small bread counters, pieces or monodose counters at one or more lanes, linear or multihead weighers.
Countless are the accessories which can be installed on the machines : clip or twist tie-closing machines which allow to have the ribbon on the top of the bag, automatic film-roll change-over in order to replace the exhausted film-roll with a new one without stopping the working cycle, vacuum pack device, flat bottom package without the annoying lower package tongue, 4 seals package. Some of these devices are patented by IMASEZZADIO who is the only manufacturer who can use them. Moreover, IMASEZZADIO produces grissini loaders at one or more heads with evacuate conveyor-belts.